Online Casino Giveaways

Online casinos have become so popular today. Ease of opening one and accessing one has made the industry crowded with new casinos and new players. In addition to that, the liquid money that flows in the online casino industry runs into billions of dollars. This has led to stiff competition in the industry. To counter this, casinos have come up with different methods to attract customers and hold their attention, which is quite hard in today’s business environment. Bonuses and free spins are just some of the methods used by online casinos to improve on traffic and alternatively cash flow.

Free spins

This is where an online casino offers a player some spins without paying. This mostly happens with the slot machines. Free spins though come with some wagering requirements, read more here. A good example of a wagering requirement would be, you cannot withdraw the money you win with a free spin. Most of the time, free spins serve to assist the player in practicing an online game they are not familiar with.


Exciting bonuses are also available to players. There are different types of bonuses which include:

  • Welcome or a sign-up bonus which is a welcome package for every first timer. Its amount usually depends on the amount the player deposits.
  • No deposit bonuses which do not require any amount of deposit. Their purpose basically is for a player to train and get used to the game.
  • Referral bonus is given to a player if they refer a new customer like a friend to the casino
  • Match bonus. These are the majority in the online casino industry. They are given during the course of the game and will vary depending on the stage, amount and prowess of the player.