Casino Free Spin Bonuses

Casinos are very fond of giving bonuses to their customers for various reasons. It has been a feature in all casinos since the inception of casinos. With online casinos on the rise for their popularity, the bonuses are becoming even more variable as the competition increases. Casino bonuses are offered to for several reasons. First of all, they serve to attract new customers to the casino. They also serve the purpose of allowing new players to practice their hand in a game. Finally, they play a role in encouraging the players to remain in the game, play more and ultimately enjoy the game. Click here to learn more. There are different types of casino free-spin bonuses available today and every casino has its own variation. Free spins are majorly offered with the game of slots, though there are other bonuses in other games that can be placed in the same category. The first type is the introductory free spin bonus. This is given at the time of signing in to a casino. The player will receive several free spins to practice if they are new to a game. They also get them as an introduction to the casino or if there is a new slot game being introduced in the casino. The next category might or might not necessitate a deposit. Casinos will offer some free spins anytime a player makes a certain amount of deposit in their casino. There will be some instances that the casinos will give the players some free spins even without a deposit depending on the game. Finally, there are some continuous free spins that are given to players during the course of the game. These free spins are not scheduled, but as the player continues to win points, they are given a free spin reward.