ManagerZone: how it works and why you should try it

ManagerZone is one of the oldest and also one of the most popular hockey and football management games. It was developed in 2001 by Power Challenge Holdings. Eighteen years down the line it has thousands of fans across the globe. Its straightforward rules and the fact that it’s easy to play make it a favorite among both experienced and amateur players.How it works is that you manage your own hockey or football team. You get to do all of the following:Join leagues by starting in the bottom league and fighting your way up the ladder by playing against a variety of teams. Apart from the regular Wednesday and Sunday games, managers can also organize friendly leagues and cups so their team can earn more money and points.You also get to train your own team according to your personal style, needs and tactics. You can convince former players to start coaching your team as well. If there are a couple of weak players, you will be able to send them to a Training Camp that offers intensive training in all the various aspects of the game.Equally enjoyable is the ability to buy and sell players. ManagerZone offers a Transfer feature that enables the manager to buy new players and sell others. It has to be noted at this stage that once you’ve offered a player for sale you can’t reverse that decision.Another role of the manager is to manage the club’s funds. Maintaining a strong bank account is, after all, crucial to maintaining a strong position in the leagues. You need money to buy new players, and to pay existing players and other staff. There are also training expenses and the stadium must be maintained. And if the club you manage goes bankrupt, you will of course lose your job.One of the top reasons to play Managerzone though is the sense of community. For example, there are forums where you can discuss strategy with other managers. As part of the community you can also vote in national coach elections and take part in federations.