Free Flash Games Online

Flash games are games that you can play in your internet browser, and there are plenty of websites around which allow you to play flash games for free. One example of a flash game website is Newgrounds, which hosts thousands of games, ranging from puzzle and skill games, to more in depth adventure and simulation games. Flash games tend to be great for casual game players, and because they run via your browser, you don’t need a big, powerful PC to dip in and play. Having said that, some flash games allow you to locally save your progress in your browser, meaning that more in depth games are beginning to emerge in the flash gaming arena.

Professional Games and Demos

One of the most famous games to be created for Newsgrounds includes Alien Homonid – which has also been released commercially for home consoles. The site also hosts a number of web demos for other commercial games including ‘The Binding of Isaac’,’VVVVVV’, ‘Luftrausers’ and ‘Rebuild’ 1 and 2! This means you can play some really well polished games absolutely free!

Best Free Titles

Websites like Newsgrounds allow anyone to upload their own flash and hmtl5 games, which means the quality of games can vary wildly, but it also means you’ll get to play lots of very original and unique games too! Because players can rate all of the games on the site, it means you can quickly identify which games to try and which ones to steer clear of. Additionally, there are a number of companies and individuals who have honed their skills on Newsgrounds before moving into developing games professionally, but who still have their back catalogue of games available for free on Newsgrounds. Some examples can be found here.Some great free flash games include DinoRun, which is a pixel art style endless running game, SushiCat, which is a very surreal puzzle game combining cats, sushi and Plinko, and FamilyRush, a ‘Run and Gun’ shooter which sees you facing off skeletons, ghouls and zombies – but with your entire family in tow!Newsgrounds is just one source of free flash games on the web, but there are many more that you can access meaning you can play games to your hearts content without paying a penny!